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Great times coming to Russia China and India - They must put a stop to the stealing of natural resources by the western thugs.

Wilson Leung China's interests are undermined by India cutting the puppet master's strings?  India just dropped out of puppet in chief Obama plan to pivot to Asia to keep China down.  Prosperous India instead of destabilizing foreign controlled project on China's doorstep  What is better?

BJP Bharatiya Janata Party stormed into power with Narenda Modi a clear majority sweeping Congress away.

Photo: internet
If Modi is against US or even cautious with US polices he should avoid accepting a flower weath from crowd or he will join Indira Gandhi and her son.

If he as anti American as they say he's not long for this world, I'll give him eighteen months.

BJP Bharatiya Janata Party stormed into power with Narenda Modi a clear majority sweeping Congress away.

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With Modi in power for the first time India is free from British.  Since departure of Britain India has been run by British agents.  Hopefully the same will happen to Pakistan.  Only then the Ancient Sindh, Pakistan and Kashmir, and Hind, India will live as good neighbours.

Would I for that just that I don't think Pakistan is going to purge its colonial puppets anythime soon and I would not be surprised if their western masters up the ante by lobbying for more neighbourly violence.

The west live off chaos and death of others.

BJP Bharatiya Janata Party stormed into power with Narenda Modi a clear majority sweeping Congress away.

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Now the United States has sanctions upon leaders of two extremely powerful nations.
One that has powerful effective weapons.
The other a population on par with China.
China itself a 'friend' of the United States?
Not that I'm an admirer of the BJP; this vote is nothing more than the people of India saying they don't want those who are in power and to get them out voting BJP is the only choice.
Soon I hope people will begin to examine the 'Democratic' system imposed upon them by those who control.
'Democracy' as practiced has little to do with voting for issues, everything with delegating one's power to a few.
Interesting times!

Corporate — State corruption in India
May 04, 2014
By Graham Peebles
Corruption in India

Corporate-state corruption in India

Picture: Corporate-state corruption in India
Image from — click image
Since Independence in 1947 endemic corruption has been part and parcel of daily life in India.
The scale of corruption is immense and the cost to the country staggering.
According to Global Financial Integrity, illicit financial flows since 2007 have averaged USD 52 million.
A staggering “USD 123 billion was lost in the last decade,” which is “30 times the amount New Delhi spent on social services like health care and education last year”.
Corruption divides broadly into two distinct areas: political and corporate scams involving government ministers, members of parliament and their business buddies; and what we might call “domestic bribery”.
Forced into criminality by a system of governance built on dishonesty, exploitation and greed, citizens throughout the country — rich and poor — bribe officials to avoid problems with state authorities, speed up applications for permits, licenses and utilities, and secure entitled services.
Amway India chief William Pinckney, two directors arrested

Corporate - State corruption in India

Photo: Internet
Amway India chief William Pinckney, two directors arrested — click image
Over 75 per cent of slum dwellers report “having paid a bribe to secure basic necessities such as kerosene or medical care.”
Nobody in the country trusts politicians, and figures gathered by Transparency International, a non-governmental organization (NGO) that tracks corruption, places the police and the judiciary second and third as the most corrupt bodies in the country.
In fact there are no institutions, including health, education and domestic NGOs (often little more than a front for criminality and exploitation) that are perceived to be corruption free and, according to 92 per cent of Indians, it’s getting worse.
Major fraud or petty backhanders, the process of corruption is essentially the same, albeit more or less intricate: need a driving licence, or land to build on; looking to mine coal, start a small business, sell some helicopters, light up your home or have sanitation plumbed in for your family: an envelope stuffed with rupees or shares in the business is the most persuasive language of facilitation, swiftly cutting through reams of bureaucratic red tape.
Transparency International records that “54 per cent of Indians say they paid a bribe last year” (the worldwide average is 39 per cent).
Two-thirds of people polled admit bribing police, 63 per cent paid bribes for Land services (buying, selling, renting and inheriting property), over half confessed to bribing tax officials, 45 per cent to the judiciary.
And a quarter paid bribes to secure medical treatment and education for their children.
Former telecommunications minister Andimuthu Raja (C) arrives at a court in New Delhi February 3, 2011.

Corporate - State corruption in India

Photo: REUTERS/Adnan Abidi
Andimuthu Raja February 3, 2011 — click image
Neo-liberalism, growth and corruption
Despite recording economic growth averaging 9 per cent for the last two decades, India stands 136th (of 186) in the United Nations (inequality adjusted) Human Development Index (UNHDI), below Iraq and Syria.
With growth currently at 6 per cent, the economic miracle is showing signs of petering out.
Not that GDP figures make any difference to the 800-million-plus miraculously living on less than USD 2 a day — these marginalized masses are paid a pittance, denied sanitation and health care, and forced to live impoverished, degrading lives.
Corruption in India

Corporate-state corruption in India

Picture: Corporate-state corruption in India
Image from — click image
Multimillion dollar scams
Not the petty daily bribes paid by the poor for electricity, but the multimillion dollar scams that have poisoned Indian politics and created an atmosphere of distrust and cynicism around politicians and officials.
In Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index, which “ranks countries/territories based on how corrupt a country’s public sector is perceived to be”, India finds itself slumbering 94th (of 177), below Djibouti (regarded by many as a failed state) and Columbia.
In the World Bank’s 2014 “Doing Business” report, it comes in 134th (of 189), placing it firmly behind the likes of Yemen, Ethiopia and Uganda as a country to set up, run and do business in.
Traditionally endemic, but small in scale, levels of state corruption have recently soared to stellar heights with a catalogue of major corruption cases floating to the putrid surface of political life.
Willingness of private sector to pay senior public officials
A comprehensive study by the global consultancy firm KPMG found that corruption today “is not about petty bribes anymore but scams to the tune of thousands of rupee crores” (ten million rupees, equivalent to USD 167,000).
These large scams can be “attributed to the willingness of the private sector to pay senior public officials to get their work done”.
Since market liberalization in the early 1990s large scams involving government officials and billions of dollars have become almost as common as low-level graft.
As the economy was opened up and America and neo-liberalism became India’s natural allies, undreamt of criminal riches and veins of dishonesty were discovered.
India working for the few

Corporate - State corruption in India

Working for the few — click image
Rupee one of the world’s most actively traded currencies manipulated by politicians?
The economic model, which sees everything and everybody as a commodity to be profited from, fitted snuggly into the already corrupt gloves of Indian political corporate affairs.
Property, mining licences and the commercialization of the countryside, involve a plethora of privatizations.
That together with public-private partnerships in infrastructure projects, were gifts from the gods for the devoutly devious.
All this presenting opportunities for grand scale manipulation.
It’s even suggested by some in the know that “the Rupee one of the world’s most actively traded currencies manipulated by politicians? for personal gain”.
Anna Hazare

Corporate - State corruption in India

Photo: REUTERS/Adnan Abidi
Anna Hazare — click image
High profile corruption cases
These high profile cases indicate the range of corruption:
In 2010 the Commonwealth Games, which cost almost 18 times their budget estimate, were marred by gross misallocation of funds and financial irregularities.
Suresh Kalmadi, who was in charge of the Games, stands accused of corruption, cheating, forgery and criminal conspiracy along with nine others.
Cronyism saturates sport: in 2012 the International Olympic Committee suspended the Indian Olympic Committee over its electoral process.
The richest cricket tournament in the world, the Indian Premier League has been riddled with allegations of corruption and fraud since its creation in 2008.
2G telecommunications scam
There was the 2G telecommunications scam in 2010, in which government officials sold hundreds of licences to favoured telecom companies at basement prices.
The loss to the treasury is thought to be GBP 37 billion.
The mining sector is rife with corruption, Human Rights Watch states.
“India’s mining industry is poorly regulated and the government is indifferent to endemic lawlessness within the sector.” In 2010, there “were more than 82,000 instances of illegal mining operations”.
What little regulation there is, is “self-regulation”.
Pay little if any attention to human rights and community concerns
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) reports are “commissioned and paid for by the very companies seeking permission to mine” and pay little if any attention to human rights and community concerns.
Whether it’s violating the land for bauxite in Orissa by the Vedanta Group (which has caused the violent displacement of Adivasi people in the area), illegal mining in Goa or Hardwar or the Aravali Range in Rajasthan, bribery and corruption is involved from top to tail, beginning to end.
In 2010, a political scandal nicknamed “Coalgate” surfaced.
Scheming crafty aggressive malicious - don't let them con you.

Corporate - State corruption in India

Photo: REUTERS/Adnan Abidi
Indian government hit by corruption scandals — click image
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh implicated
Mines were sold off cheaply to public sector entities and private companies and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was implicated.
The comptroller and auditor-general accused the government of allocating coal rich mines in an underhand manner from five years up to 2009.
It is estimated USD 34 billion was lost to the government.
The same year saw the Iron-Ore graft in the State of Karnataka, in which an “illegal mining mafia… made profits of USD 2 billion or more shipping illegal iron ore to China”.
Hundreds of local officials and politicians were involved, including G. Karunakara Reddy and G. Janardhana Reddy (owners of one of the key conspirators, the Obulapuram Mining Company) who were ministers in the state government at the time and seemed to “rule the roost”.
And last year a series of million dollar scams hit the headlines, among them a railway promotion scam — predictably named “Railgate”.
Bribes valued at USD 150,000 were allegedly paid to Pawan Kumar Bansal, the railway minister at the time.
The Augusta Westland Helicopter scam was another.
Senior politicians and military men have been accused of taking bribes amounting to USD 15,943,000 from Finmeccanica, the parent company of Westland, to secure an order for the supply of 12 helicopters (worth USD 600 million) from the British-based aircraft manufacturer.
And let’s not forget Vodafone, which was in cahoots with the union minister, Kapil Sibal, and the law minister, in a USD 2,530,000 tax dodge.
Say no to corruption

Corporate - State corruption in India

Photo: REUTERS/Adnan Abidi
Indian government hit by corruption scandals — click image
Growth for whom?
While 20 years of growth may have spawned a new middle class (approximately 50 million, or 5 per cent of the population), it is the elite that has benefited from deregulation.
The number of billionaires has increased from six to 61 in the last decade, concentrating “USD 250 billion among a few dozen people in a country of 1.2 billion”, according to Oxfam.
Hidden overseas in shell companies avoiding tax
The elite increased their hold on the country’s wealth “from 1.8 per cent in 2003 to 26 per cent in 2008”, much of which is hidden overseas in “shell companies”, avoiding tax.
The very rich “have started buying politics, and the great churning in India you see against corruption is essentially about the purchase of politics by the wealthy,” says the Financial Times.
India chief auditor Vinod Rai, India CAG, Comptroller and Auditor General - Corruption in India

Comptroller and Auditor General of India Vinod Rai speaks during the World Economic Forum summit in Gurgaon on Nov. 7, 2012.

Corporate-state corruption in India

Picture: Corporate-state corruption in India
Vinod Rai —  click image
Half nation’s children suffer from malnutrition
While India’s billionaires wallow in complacent luxury, two-thirds of the population live in dire poverty, almost half the nation’s children suffer from malnutrition and tens of millions, mainly Adivasi (indigenous) and Dalit people, have been displaced by mining and infrastructure projects.
Government spending on the poorest and most vulnerable in society is among the lowest of any “middle income country”. from malnutrition and tens of millions, mainly Adivasi (indigenous) and Dalit people, have been displaced by mining and infrastructure projects.
According to the Asian Development Bank, expenditure on health care is a mere 1 per cent of GDP, meaning in rural areas where 80 per cent of the population lives, there is practically no access to medical services. from malnutrition and tens of millions, mainly Adivasi (indigenous) and Dalit people, have been displaced by mining and infrastructure projects.
Withdrawing support from the poor to subsidizing elite
In addition to withdrawing support from the poor and subsidizing the elite, economic development has also “expanded the possibilities for rent-seeking.”
Rent-seeking the Economist explains, is “the use of wealth to distort the allocation of resources from which more wealth could be produced”.
The last 10 years have seen a destructive union between wealth creation and corruption firmly established.
During this time “almost all of the billionaires created in India have been created because of the proximity to politics”, according to the Financial Times.
Bought “Permissions”
Research by Michael Walton of Harvard University and Aditi Gandhi of Delhi’s Centre for Policy Research found that of India’s 66 billionaires, around half made their money in “rent-thick” sectors — “i.e. where profit is dependent on ‘economic rents’ for access to scarce resources, such as land or the telecoms spectrum, which are typically only available via government permissions”.
“Permissions” that are bought.
Bribes are paid in cash, gold or through a stake in the business.
Bribes are also paid into offshore accounts held in Switzerland and other such tax havens.
Not only are the politicians corrupt, but the political system itself is fuelled by bribes.
Illegal party funding
Illegal party funding, the Economist found “is at the heart of corruption”.
At the end of 2013 India’s parliament appointed an anti-graft ombudsman bill.
The ombudsman “will be appointed by an independent committee comprising the prime minister, the head of the Supreme Court, the leader of the opposition and an eminent jurist”, Reuters reports.
The Supreme Court is regarded as one of the few clean institutions in the country, but it’s hard to see how a committee with the prime minister on it can be truly independent, or that more laws are needed.
India does not lack laws: whether it’s legislation governing environmental issues, women’s rights or corruption, there are laws aplenty.
What is lacking is the will to implement existing regulations.
On the rare occasion when someone is charged with corruption, prosecutions can take up to ten years; as a result nobody bothers to makes complaints.
No civil servant has lost job
“In the past three years only 25 top civil servants have been investigated and none has lost his job,” the Economist says.
India prizes itself on being the world’s largest democracy, meaning it has the biggest population of any country in which citizens get to vote.
Self-interest and corruption have no place in a functioning democracy and must be purged from political life and civil society.
Democracy is not only the right to vote: participation, social justice and equality are fundamental to the democratic ideal, and are widely absent throughout India.
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India 2017
India Illuminati policy — no cash banks
Fears Grow for India’s Cash-Based Economy as the Effects of Modi’s Ban Begin to Ripple
The 35-year-old mother of four set herself on fire on Nov. 20 last year.
She died two weeks later. She told reporters she did it because her children hadn’t eaten for three days.
       Sheep and cashless banks.      
       Washington Secretly Behind Cash Ban In India       
     Death of a cashless woman in India      
     Razia’s was one of the scores of deaths — Narendra Modi’s decision to scrap high-value bank notes      
Vandana Shiva — Globalization project is creation of corporate states
Rural India — The Deadly Gambles of Farming
India 2010 — 2011
Antibodies from women with infertility used in creation of GMO food
IMF through their implementation of austerity policies defacto exploit and loot the wealth of Third World nations and facilitate the long term asset stripping and resourcing stealing of such unfortunate countries
Quite a lot if you look at the whole Capitalist Western system which is rigged to exploit the masses and especially vulnerable Third Word nations in favor of the few, again in the West.
Globalization, Monetarism and Deregulation all sounded so great when they are expounded enthusiastically from the early 1980's, by the USA and their well funded fronts in academia and the global media as a globalist International Banker policy.
Anglicised elite of India lording it up in London, NY and heaven knows where with looted assets.
       Illuminati manipulation of oil energy resources      
       World rich elite taking advantage of middle class and poor      
     India and corporations 2011 — Deregulation, oil price, elite accumulation of wealth      
     In India a bill was introduced to make it a crime to question the safety of GMOs      
India 2012
Oxam America: Free Trade Agreement Bad Deal for Poor Countries
WASHINGTON — April 20, 2005 — International agency Oxfam called on U.S. Members of Congress today to reject the Free Trade Agreement between the United States and Central American countries and the Dominican Republic (DR-CAFTA.)
Oxfam believes that the agreement, in its current form, will do more harm than good and will endanger the livelihood of thousands of small farmers who already live in poverty.
Oxfam joined numerous other non-governmental organizations and Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle at a press conference today, calling for the rejection of DR-CAFTA.
The trade agreement is under consideration by both the House and the Senate and is expected to come up for a vote in the U.S. Congress before the end of May.
"Fair trade rules and practices have the potential to lift millions of people out of poverty, as trade and development are intimately linked," said Stephanie Weinberg, Trade Policy Advisor at Oxfam.
"But DR-CAFTA will only hurt these countries as it puts the needs of U.S. agribusiness, pharmaceutical companies and foreign investors above the basic needs of citizens in the region."
The U.S. trading partners in the DR-CAFTA region, with a population of 42.5 million, are the poorest countries in the hemisphere and have unequal distributions of income and wealth.
They depend heavily on agriculture for the livelihood of significant portions of their populations.
These countries are ravaged by curable diseases due to poverty and inadequate health- care coverage.
They sorely lack public infrastructure and, in several cases, are highly indebted.
Highly unequal societies,
"Those who stand to lose in the DR-CAFTA are the ones who are already disadvantaged in these highly unequal societies, where the majority of poor people live in rural areas, rely on income from agriculture and must pay for medicines out-of-pocket," continued Weinberg.
"Instead of establishing fair and equitable rules for trade, the agreement will institutionalize an uneven playing field."
Dumping of US rice
The regional trade agreement will require these developing countries to open their markets to dumping of US rice and other commodities and forbid use of adequate safeguards to ensure food and livelihood security and rural development.
Monopoly held by brand-name pharmaceuticals
DR-CAFTA imposes strict new rules that extend the monopoly held by brand-name pharmaceuticals, which will limit generic competition and reduce access to affordable medicines in the future.
Special rights and privileges to foreign investors
The trade agreement provides special rights and privileges to foreign investors that can create major new liabilities to governments and undermine efforts to protect public health, the environment, and workplace safety.
U.S. farmers receive extensive subsidies
DR-CAFTA also blatantly ignores the fact that U.S. farmers receive extensive subsidies and domestic supports, estimated to be around $18 billion this year alone.
"DR-CAFTA is a bad deal for millions of farmers, workers, and consumers in Central America and the Dominican Republic and should therefore be rejected," added Weinberg.
"Instead of pushing through bad deals like DR-CAFTA, the US should invest in the WTO and the Doha Round, as that is the best path to build a rules-based trade system that provides more opportunity and stability for both the U.S. and developing countries."

EDITOR'S NOTE: Oxfam's written testimony before the US House Committee on Ways and Means on the Implementation of the DR-CAFTA can be found on Oxfam's Web site at:
NATO's silent toxic air-spraying planes
Weather Warfare
Full Spectrum Dominance
Elana Freeland on Buzzsaw with Sean Stone
Download audio mp3 from server      right click here
Chemtrails HAARP and the full spectrum dominance of planet earth.

Image: internet
Climate engineering weather warfare collapse of civilization

Image: internet
“I had a Sunday dinner a few weeks ago at the house of my dad’s and stepmom’s neighbors.
The man and woman of the house are in their 60’s and both proud liberals.
The man said he was a ‘Berkley liberal.’ He supports Hillary, she supports Bernie Sanders.
Towards the end of the dinner he expressed the opinion that a few nuke bombs on some of the major cities in Iraq would be a good idea.
Previous to that, he defended the dropping of nuke bombs on Japan.
The guy’s wife, the Bernie supporter, added something about the barbarous tribal nature of Iraqi society.
She quoted Deepak Chopra on the [evil] nature of Mohamed.
Their son is a fighter pilot who is thinking about joining the top gun program.
He is gay but is too scared to come out to his work colleagues.”
Bi-Polar Disorder: Obama’s Bait-and-Switch Environmental Politics — click here
P.S. from Kewe to the above article written by Paul Street.
I accept the sun is a much greater factor in global weather than human-made activity.
That it is possible climate change will become a bigger problem but also more probable the sun is presently taking us into a mini-cold period.
That the increase in human-made carbon dioxide combined in the stratosphere with other Earth-releasing-of-warmth blocking chemicals is causing a wave of new tree/plant growth in areas not seen for many millennium.
That seeding of the clouds being done by NATO with its toxic compounds is completely destructive to the soil, seas and inland waters beneath, and many vulnerable humans and varied life, and that the politicians responsible for this NATO destructive activity should be held accountable for such as being enemies of Earth's eco-structure and livability.
From the video 'Holes in Heaven' — Brooks Agnew, Earth Tornographer
In 1983 I did radio tornography with 30 watts looking for oil in the ground.
I found 26 oil wells over a nine state area.
100 hundred percent of the time was accurate, which is just 30 watts of power beaming straight into solid rock.
HAARP uses a billion watts beamed straight into the ionosphere for experiments.
Picture these strings on the piano as layers of the Earth, each one has its own frequency.
What we used to do is beam radio waves into the ground and it would vibrate any 'strings' that were present in the ground.
We might get a sound back like ___ and we would say, that's natural gas.
We might get a sound back like ____ and we'd say that's crude oil.
We were able to identify each frequency.
We accomplished this with just 30 watts of radio power.
If you do this with a billion watts the vibrations are so violent that the entire piano would shake.
In fact the whole house would shake.
In fact the vibrations could be so severe under ground they could even cause an earthquake.
Download or watch movie on HAARP — Advanced US Military research weapon on behaviour modification
weather change, ionesphere manipulation — click here
Download or watch audio of Dr. Nick Begich talking on HAARP
— The 2006 update to 'Angels Don't Play This HAARP'.
'Angels Still Don't Play This HAARP: Advances In Tesla Technology'.
Planet Earth Weapon by Rosalie Bertell
ozone, HAARP, chemtrails, space war — click here
What HAARP Is.. And Everything Its Used For
Full HAARP Documentary — click here
Angels Dont Play This HAARP weather manipulation
1 hour 36 minutes video — click here
(poor quality to watch but well worth listening)
Dr. Nick Begich, his book and his articles can be found here      
Article on Chemtrails — unusual cloud formations in the US.
      Torture and Bush — White House legal architect Yoo on       

US soldiers committing suicide Afghanistan Iraq — Most Recent
Psychologist Pete Linnerooth was one of three who were part of a mental health crew in charge of the US 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division in the Baghdad area of Iraq.   Pete Linnerooth committed suicide by turning a gun upon himself in January of 2013
Veterans kill themselves at a rate of one every 80 minutes.   More than 6,500 veteran suicides are logged every year — more than the total number of soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq combined since those wars began.
Mary Coghill Kirkland said she asked her son, 21-year-old Army Spc. Derrick Kirkland, what was wrong as soon as he came back from his first deployment to Iraq in 2008.   He had a ready answer: "Mom, I'm a murderer."
A military base on the brink
As police agents watched he shot himself in the head
Murders, fights, robberies, domestic violence, drunk driving, drug overdoses
US soldiers committing suicide Afghanistan Iraq II
U.S. Soldier Killed Herself After Objecting to Interrogation Techniques
Private Gary Boswell, 20, from Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, was found hanging in a playground in July
She is Jeanne "Linda" Michel, a Navy medic.   She came home last month to her husband and three kids ages 11, 5, and 4, delighted to be back in her suburban home of Clifton Park in upstate New York.   Two weeks after she got home, she shot and killed herself.
Peterson refused to participate in the torture after only two nights working in the unit known as the cage
     United States Numb to Iraq Troop Deaths       
     All papers relating to the interrogations have been destroyed     
      We stripped them and were supposed to mock them and degrade their manhood     
US soldiers committing suicide Iraq Vietnam
The Iraq War — complete listing of articles, includes images
The House of Saud and Bush
       All with U.S. Money:       
       US and Israel War Crimes       
All with U.S. Money:

Israel agents stole identity of New Zealand cerebral palsy victim.

(       July 15, 2004)       The Foreign Ministry will take steps towards restoring relations with New Zealand.   New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark today announced she was implementing diplomatic sanctions after two Israelis were sentenced on charges of attempting to obtain illegal passports.   Despite Israeli refusal to respond to the accusations, the two are labeled in the New Zealand media as Mossad agents acting on behalf of the Israeli intelligence community.

Foreign Ministry officials stated they will do everything possible to renew diplomatic ties, expressing sorrow over the "unfortunate incident".
Projected mortality rate of Sudan refugee starvation deaths — Darfur pictures
Suicide now top killer of Israeli soldiers
Atrocities files — graphic images
'Suicide bombings,' the angel said, 'and beheadings.'

'And the others that have all the power — they fly missiles in the sky.

They don't even look at the people they kill.'
       The real Ronald Reagan       
       — Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, South Africa        
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