Starving North Koreans to death okay to monsters running America
Is this how you think problems should be solved?
US a truly lost country: Morals, humanity, everything!
Starving North Koreans to death okay to monsters running America

Is this how you think North Korea should be solved?  click here
US taunting North Korea
“in September the American colleagues hinted that the next exercise may not come until spring [2018], which may give North Korea a pause and make it refrain from any rash action.
We were hopeful about the approach, but then they stage an unscheduled exercise in October, then in November, and now they have declared they will have a large-scale unscheduled exercise in December.”
US should come clean if it’s looking for pretext to destroy N. Korea —
Russia Foreign Minister Lavrov   click here
North Korea missle launch
due to US and South Korea
saber rattling
Ryssua businesses should be ready for war
War on horizone can't you see
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North Korean special forces soldiers march and shout slogans during a military parade
War against Russia North Korea
N. Korea tested hydrogen bomb that can be mounted on ICBM 

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un provides guidance on a nuclear weapons program
Putin says threats to North Korea is dead end road.

‘Destruction, not liberation’: US-led coalition spares no civilian lives in ISIS-held Raqqa siege
Kill million people
South Korea Kill million people
North Korea - US Kill million people
North Korea Lost 30% of Its Population
as a Result of US Bombings in the 1950s      click here
North Korea response to Trump at UN
Trump idiot speech at UN
    Iran and Venezuela response to Trump at UN, and North Korea nonsense.
‘Shameless, ignorant’: Iran & Venezuela fire back after Trump criticism at UN
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From Kewe
One can only smile with disgust at the supposed, rational, reasonable speech made by Trump at the UN.
With regard to North Korea, Iran and Venezuela, rational, reasonable, sane, intelligent, I am afraid Trump's speech was not.
“Trump’s shameless and ignorant remarks, in which he ignored Iran’s fight against terrorism, display his lack of knowledge and unawareness,” said Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, according to the official Fars news agency.
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has condemned what he called "aggression from the new Hitler of international politics, Mr. Donald Trump, against the people of Venezuela."
I would not class Trump as the new Hitler, that classification will only come after Trump, and his miserable military cohorts who he has supposedly placed as 'rational' people to guide the 'policies' of the U.S, place an attack upon North Korea.
Killing millions of people and destroying a country over words will not look well, with him anyplace, anytime.
Trump has a soul that is eternal.
Eternity is beyond time to have such a miserable action, a decision to kill millions of people, for nothing, but for talk!
Action that the people of the United States will also have to live with!
Providing there is a United States that survives after such confliction.
If Trump, and the U.S. military, is allowed to proceed with such action.
Which I sincerely pray, and have asked, that he, and the United States military, are not allowed!
I am a human!
I do wish to see that humanity itself survives!
Which I believe will be in doubt should Trump and the United States blood-lust succeed in their stated intent of destruction, of such horror.
All actions have consequences, often far beyond anything previously conceived.
Trump has a pair
North Korea US is like sound of dog barking
North Korea — 1950-2013
U.S. warplanes dropped more napalm and bombs on North Korea than they did during the whole Pacific campaign of World War II
Prof. Guilford B. Reed, head of the Canadian biological warfare laboratories at Queens University concluded that the Chinese evidence of U.S. biological weapons us on North Korea was entirely feasible, and recommended that Minister of External Affairs Lester B. Pearson avoid public discussion of the scientific aspects of the charges
Every year the U.S. and South Korean military rehearse the plan and the result is always the same: The U.S. and its allies prevail, but at a terrible price
The idea was to set back the North's nuclear program for years by entombing inside the plant the plutonium
that could otherwise be used for nuclear weapons
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Let's talk about autism.
I am a gastroenterologist when I first heard from a mother of a child with autism in 1995. I had never heard of it.
It was so rare when I was at medical school when I qualified in 1981 that we were not taught about autism.
It was one in 10, 1 in fifteen thousand.
It was so rare and there were no registry of autism that the precise prevalence of this disorder was completely unknown.
Dr. Andrew Wakefield
Vaccines MMR to autism
Center for Disease Control fraud
Dr. Andrew Wakefield
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help us better understand the usefulness of vitamin D3 and curcumin as possible therapies for Alzheimer's disease   click here
Alzheimer's risk benadryl nytol ditropan sinepin piriton

Photo: Internet
Popular sleep remedies and hayfever pills 'increase risk of Alzheimer's by more than 50%'
Many of the drugs are more commonly taken by older people, with up to half of the UK’s elderly population being prescribed at least one anticholinergic medication.  click here
Media dementia scare over hay fever and sleep drugs  click here
Dementia 2015 - left and right hemispheres of Einstein’s brain

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