A little bit of empathy for the animals.
They also have a life, like your children or your family.
Bunny and piglet sleeping together.

Picture: Internet
Bunny and piglet sleeping together.
Capybara and geese sleeping together with tortoise.

Picture: Internet
Capybara and geese together with tortoise.
Standing chic and bunny enjoying each other's company.

Picture: Internet
Standing chic and bunny enjoying each other's company.
Meercat and a lion cub sleeping together.

Picture: Internet
Meercat and a lion cub sleeping together.
I don't know if these images are real, which ones are real, or if GIMP or another image processor has been used to create these photos.
I do know that all life is valued and sacred, as is each of our lives.
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Eastern Grey Kangaroo called Doodlebug orphaned at birth.
Doodlebug holding tight to the teddy bear lies next to it, practices his kicking against it and cuddles the stuffed bear.
Picture taken at Grafton NSW Australia.
The little kangaroo has been nursed to health to live in the wild by Gillian Abbott of the wildlife company WIRES, but still comes back for the occasional feeding or cuddle.
@Tim_Beshara son of Gillian Abbott
Humans and their governments will do terrible things to other humans and to other animals if allowed!
Cody speaking for our farm animal companions - download video mp4

Photo: internet
Cody speaking for our farm animal companions
Horrors of factory farming

Cesspools spray into the air where mist drifts into neighboring communities.
Horrors of factory farming

Horrors of factory farming
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Study Links Most Amazon Deforestation to 128 Slaughterhouses
ecowatch.com   click here
Humans and Animals — The March to Porkopolis
Humans and Animals — WELCOME to Abuse
Animal Abuse
The majority of these are raised in factory farms where they are stacked in cages in windowless sheds where they can't live naturally (or happily) in any sense of the word.
Debeaked and declawed without anesthesia, they feel the pain of this for the rest of their lives.
Broiler chickens are selectively bred and genetically altered to produce bigger thighs and breasts, the parts in most demand — this breeding creates birds so heavy that their bones cannot support their weight, making it difficult for them to stand.
Fed a diet deficient of iron to keep their flesh pale and appealing to the consumer, veal calves spend each day confined alone with no companionship deprived of light for a large portion of their four-month lives.
     Meet your Meat       
     Give turkeys something to be thankful for this year    ...end the tradition of cruelty     
      Investigating and preventing animal rights extremism and eco-terrorism is one of the FBI's highest priorities      
Unspeakable grief and horror
                        ...and the continues...
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