Kerry, kidnapping Russian journalists isn't going to work

Russia journalists being kidnapped by Arsenikov Yarosh and Ukraine SBU Security Service 

Kerry, kidnapping Russian journalists isn't going to work — click here
Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov - Russia will retaliate if it is attacked and the interests of the Russian people are threatened.

Russian citizens being attacked is an attack against the Russian Federation.

Russian citizens being attacked is an attack against the Russian Federation — click here
BBC war propaganda.

BBC war propaganda.

Russia denies a travel ban imposed on the Ukranian MP from the Batkivshina Party and a former head of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis, Mustafa Dzhemilev to enter Russian territory. — click here
Polish NAZI Fascists
allied with US New Fascists
Makes the Second World War seem kind of pointless!
Don't you think!

Ukraine: Poland trained putchists two months in advance
Thierry Meyssan
April 19, 2014
Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych Polish EU negotiator Radoslaw Sikorski

In his capacity as EU negotiator, Radoslaw Sikorski signed a crisis settlement agreement with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, in the evening of February 21, 2014. The following morning, the men he had secretly trained in Poland were about to take power.

Picture: Reuters/Thierry Roge
In his capacity as EU negotiator Radoslaw Sikorski signed a crisis settlement agreement with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych evening of February 21, 2014
The following morning the men he had secretly trained in Poland were about to take power
Lies have shorter and shorter legs.
Two months after the change of regime in Kiev, the Polish press has disclosed the role of Donald Tusk’s government in preparing the coup.
The new revelations belie Western discourse and demonstrate that the current interim government of Oleksandr Tourtchynov was imposed by NATO in violation of international law.
The Polish left-wing weekly Nie (No) published a startling witness account of the training given to the most violent of the EuroMaidan [1] activists.
According to this source, in September 2013, Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski invited 86 members of the Right Sector (Sector Pravy), allegedly in the context of a university exchange program.
In reality, the guests were not students, and many were over 40.
Contrary to their official schedule, they did not go to the Warsaw University of Technology, but headed instead for the police training center in Legionowo, an hour’s drive from the capital.
There, they received four weeks of intensive training in crowd management, person recognition, combat tactics, command skills, behavior in crisis situations, protection against gases used by police, erecting barricades, and especially shooting, including the handling of sniper rifles.
Training took place in September 2013
Such training took place in September 2013, while the Maidan Square protests were allegedly triggered by a decree suspending preparations for the signing of the Ukraine-European Union Association Agreement, which was issued by Prime Minister Mykola Azarov on November 21, i.e. two months later.
The Polish weekly refers to photographs attesting to the training, which show the Ukrainians in Nazi uniforms alongside their Polish instructors in civilian clothing.
These revelations warrant a fresh look at the resolution adopted in early December 2013 by the Polish Parliament (Sejm), pledging its "total solidarity with Ukrainian citizens who, with strong determination, are showing the world their desire to achieve the full membership of their country in the European Union."
Naturally, the MPs were not yet aware of their country’s involvement in the training of the very individuals who were planning — and ultimately achieved — a violent takeover of power.
Role assigned by NATO to Poland in Ukraine same as Turkey in Syria
This scandal illustrates the role assigned by NATO to Poland in Ukraine, analogous to the one entrusted to Turkey in Syria.
The government of pro-European liberal Donald Tusk is fully committed to playing its role.
Foreign Affairs Minister Radoslaw Sikorski — a journalist and former political refugee in the United Kingdom — was the mastermind behind Poland’s integration into NATO.
As a member of the 'Weimar Triangle', he was one of three EU representatives who brokered the 21 February 2014 agreement between President Viktor Yanukovych and the three main EuroMaidan leaders [2].
Needless to say, the Ukrainian president was unaware of the Polish representative’s entanglement with the rioters.
As for the Interior Minister and special services coordinator, Bartlomiej Sienkiewicz (the great grand-son of novelist Henryk Sienkiewicz, best known for Quo Vadis?), he co-founded the Office for State Protection (Urzd Ochrony Panstwa), Poland’s current intelligence agency.
He also co-created and served as vice-president of the Centre for Eastern Studies (Osrodek Studiów Wschodnich), a national think-tank dealing with the situation in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, with particular emphasis on Ukraine and Turkey.
It exerts a profound influence on the West’s perception of current events, through its agreements with Carnegie Foundation [3].
During Yulia Tymoshenko’s government (2007-2010), the current interim president of Ukraine, Oleksandr Tourtchynov, had served as intelligence chief and deputy prime minister.
He liaised at the time with the Poles Donald Tusk (already Prime Minister), Radoslaw Sikorski (then Defense Minister) and Bartlomiej Sienkiewicz (director of the private intelligence firm ASBS Othago).
To overthrow Ukraine elected government Poland resorted to Nazi agents selected by Washington
To overthrow the government of its neighbor state, Poland resorted to Nazi activists in the same way that Turkey uses Al-Qaeda to overthrow the Syrian government.
Not only is it not surprising to see the current Polish authorities rely on the grand-children of the Nazis that the CIA tucked into the NATO Gladio network to fight against the Soviet Union, but we should also be reminded of the controversy which broke out in the 2005 Polish presidential election, when journalist and MP Jacek Kurski revealed that Józef Tusk, the grandfather of Donald Tusk, had intentionally enrolled in the Wehrmacht.
After denying the facts, the Prime Minister finally admitted that his grandfather had indeed served in the Nazi army, but claimed he had been forcefully conscripted after the annexation of Danzig.
A recollection that speaks volumes about how Washington selects its agents in Eastern Europe.
In summary, Poland trained a mob of thugs to overthrow the democratically-elected president of Ukraine and pretended he was subscribing to an appeasement agreement with him on 21 February 2014, while his rioters were in the process of seizing power.
Ukraine dominated by Polish-Lithuanian empire with Israel taking part in the coup
Moreover, there is no doubt that the coup was sponsored by the United States, as evidenced by the telephone conversation between Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and Ambassador Geoffrey R. Pyatt [4].
Similarly, it is clear that other NATO members, including Lithuania (in the past, Ukraine was dominated by the Polish-Lithuanian empire), and Israel in its capacity as a de facto member of its military command structure, took part in the coup [5].
This arrangement suggests that NATO now runs a new Gladio network in Eastern Europe [6].
In addition, following the coup, mercenaries working for Greystone Ltd., a subsidiary of Academi, were deployed in the country in coordination with the CIA [7].
These facts radically modify the perception that we may have had of the coup of 22 February 2014.
They undermine the arguments provided supplied to the press by the U.S. Department of State (points 3 and 5 of the factsheet dated March 5) [8] and constitute an act of war under international law.
Therefore, the arguments peddled by the West regarding the ensuing the events, including the accession of Crimea to the Russian Federation and the current uprisings in East and South Ukraine, are null and void.
[ 1 ] “Tajemnica stanu, tajemnica Majdanu”, Nie, n°13-2014, 18 April 2014.
[ 2 ] “Agreement on the Settlement of Crisis in Ukraine”, Voltaire Network, 21 February 2014.
[ 3 ] “The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace”, Voltaire Network, 25 August 2004.
[ 4 ] “What about apologizing to Ukraine, Mrs. Nuland?”, Oriental Review/Voltaire Network, 7 February 2014. And “The Secret Agenda of Ashton and Nuland Revealed”, by Wayne Madsen, Strategic Culture Foundation/Voltaire Network, 12 March 2014.

[ 5 ] “Camouflaged Israeli soldiers on Maidan Square”, Voltaire Network, 3 March 2014.
[ 6 ] The new Gladio in Ukraine by Manlio Dinucci, Voltaire Network, 21 March 2014.
[ 7 ] US mercenaries deployed in Southern Ukraine , and “CIA director in Kiev searching for missing mercenaries”, Voltaire Network, 4 March and 16 April 2014.
[ 8 ] State Department Fact Sheet on Putin’s False Claims About Ukraine Voltaire Network, 5 March 2014.
To view    click here
911 Operation Gladio — Syria chemical attack — Al-Qaeda lead up to Twin Towers falling — US government fabricated stories
Operation Gladio false flag terrorism over decades to raise US government power
You had to attack civilians — the people women children far removed from any political game — this would allow authorities to bring in a state of emergency
Innumerable regular meetings between US and Al-Qaeda in lead-up to 2001
     False Flag terrorism is being used to move people 'like sheep'       
     NATO Secret Armies     
      US fabrications of Syria government chemical attack — 9/11      
Stalin victims including Crimea Tatars rehabilitated by Putin decree.

Crimean Tatars pray in the Han mosque in the small Crimean city of Bakhchysarai.

Photo: AFP/Genya Savilov
Stalin victims including Crimea Tatars rehabilitated
Crimean Tatars pray in the Han mosque in the small Crimean city of Bakhchysarai
Russian President Vladimir Putin:
“We must make sure that as part of Crimea’s integration into Russia, Crimean Tatars are rehabilitated and their historic rights restored.
The same decree outlines the socio-economic development of several territories that have been neglected, and where there has not only been no social progress, but the situation has actually deteriorated.”
Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree officially rehabilitating the Crimean Tatars and other ethnic minorities on the peninsula who were deported en masse in 1944 by Joseph Stalin for alleged collaboration with Nazi invaders — click here
Crimea Tartars given new rights in Crimea.

Crimean Tatars talk after praying in the Khan Chair mosque in Bakhchisaray, near Simferopol (Reuters / Thomas Peter0

Photo: Reuters/Thomas PeterO
Crimea Tartars given new rights in Crimea
Crimean Tatars talk after praying in the Khan Chair mosque in Bakhchisaray, near Simferopol
Russian Foreign Ministry:
“We would like to remind Mr. Simonovic not only of the guarantees, which the Republic’s authorities are giving and will give in the future to the Crimean Tatar minority, but also of the fact that Crimea is currently likely the only place that maintained law and order.”
Crimea Tartars given new rights in Crimea — click here
The checkpoint was in the control of 26 civilians armed with bats.
Their lack of firearms was due to a so-called “Easter truce” announced by both the Kiev authorities and the protest leaders to de-escalate tension.
Then an assault rifle got stuck out of the window and he was gunned down
People trying to flee the attackers were shot in their backs — click here
US financial showdown with Russia

US new fascism.

Photo: internet
As Obama flails around in his peevishness knowing nothing!
The World is watching!
Russia - motherland recruits

US new fascism.

Photo: internet
Obama doped up on Pharmaceutical drugs speaking nonsense about Ukraine, his own logic going against him.

US President Barack Obama delivers a speech at the Palais des Beaux-Arts (Palace of Fine Arts - BOZAR) in Brussels on March 26, 2014

Photo: AFP/Saul Loeb
Obama doped up on Pharmaceutical drugs speaking nonsense about Ukraine, his own logic going against him.

US President Barack Obama delivers a speech at the Palais des Beaux-Arts (Palace of Fine Arts - BOZAR) in Brussels on March 26, 2014

Photo: comments
My bet is that he is doped on pharmaceuticals!
Taking these drugs, reality is the doped-up dream you are in.
You don't even follow the script!
“And Kosovo only left Serbia after a referendum was organized not outside the boundaries of international law, but in careful cooperation with the United Nations and with Kosovo’s neighbors.
None of that even came close to happening in Crimea.”
When a President of any country has such an incapacity that leads them to completely fabricate history, the whole nation is in serious risk.
I accept the US military has enough built-within safeguards to prevent a nuclear war.
But there are some crazy generals out there who believe the US could win a nuclear war!
Obama: They are not interested in any kind of military confrontation with us, understanding that our conventional forces are significantly superior to the Russians — click here
Obama states Kosovo left Serbia only after referendum, but there was NO referendum at all — click here
Bigger nations cannot simply bully smaller ones — click here
Ukraine Crisis: How Much War Does Washington Want? — click here
Obama doped up on Pharmaceutical drugs speaking nonsense about Ukraine, his own logic going against him.

US President Barack Obama delivers a speech at the Palais des Beaux-Arts (Palace of Fine Arts - BOZAR) in Brussels on March 26, 2014

Photo: comments
Ukraine military attacks Republic of Novorossia
Soldiers of the People's Republic of Donetsk shelled checkpoint near the village Cherevkovka
A Ukraine military convoy comprised of six APCs approached Kramatorsk from the northwest and began shelling
A couple of days before the Odessa mass killings Andriy Parubiy brought dozens of bullet-proof vests to local ultra-nationalists
Many of the people killed in Odessa were strangled after they escaped from the fire
Unarmed people shot by Ukraine military — Mariupol May 9 2014
Patriotic militia defending their territory and loved ones
Attempt at capture of Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant
Bounty of 1 million US$ for Oleh Tsarev head
     NATO New Fascists       
     US cannot find Ukraine     
       22 military suicides a day in US — US killing   
Ukraine takeover by Western banks and fascists
False voting taking place in Ukraine since usurpation of democratic government
The last normal vote in the Rada was February 21 2014 after Yanukovych signed the agreement with Steinmeier and colleagues
Newly appointed officials: Parubiy, Gvozd, Nalyvaichenko all people who follow somebody else’s orders, the orders of the US, not even Europe
Once we started to put pressure, they relocated to Poland, Latvia and Lithuania
The most interesting part is that many regional governments spent budget money to pay for the so-called vyshkoli, i.e. training camps for militants to fight with various types of weapons
All the orders were given either by the US embassy or by Jan Tombinski, a Polish representative who worked in the EU mission in Kiev
Unspeakable grief and horror
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