US strikes kill dozen civilians dead in Syria’s Hasakah 

Japan has signed the IWC's whale hunting moratorium and has pledged not to kill whales for commercial purposes since 1985.
Half of Afghan children miss out on school due to fighting, poverty & discrimination says UNICEF
Last week, Taliban militants, who control nearly 15 percent of the country and are fighting the government forces to expand its territory, closed more than 20 schools in the country’s Takhar province, in response to the arrest of one its officials.
The move reportedly affected more than 11,000 pupils.     click here
How sick Trump is
US military killed injured   click here
ISIS has over 10,000 fighters in Afghanistan, more arriving from Syria & Iraq – Moscow   click here
‘US is watching!’: Trump warns Iran amid crackdown on protests   click here
Iran’s enemies ‘using money & weapons to undermine government’ – supreme leader Khamenei
From Kewe
Wonder if Trump is emailing US troops that they are about to tackle (possibly, probably, die or be injured) when engaging with ISIS who are arriving in Afghanistan after being freed by US and UK from Syria, (after Russia bombing remains of ISIS in Syria).   click here
An Escalating Afghan Crisis of
“Profit” Over “Life”
Failed human needs
Afghanistan failed human needs
Afghanistan people need clean water
Mes Aynak is the site of ancient ruins that have been compared to Pompeii.
UK Theresa May accuses Russia in attempt to stall Tory upheaval over her position as Prime Minister.
Opium poppy major factor on war in Afghanistan
click on image for article
Afghanistan attack on US military base.

Attack killed at least 60 Afghan soldiers and injured many more.

At least 43 soldiers were killed, 9 injured and 6 remain unaccounted for following the attack on the Maiwand army base.   click here
US troops shoot at Afghanistan children
“I wanted to go to school.   When I entered the school, some of our classmates took the stones and threw them at the US vehicles.   Then they [US troops] opened fire.   I got injured in my leg.   My friend also got injured,” one of the boys said from his hospital bed, with bullets visible next to him.
“The US should get out of our country,” the boy added.
Afghanistan children deliberately shot by US troops

“I wanted to go to school. When I entered the school, some of our classmates took the stones and threw them at the US vehicles. Then they [US troops] opened fire. I got injured in my leg. My friend also got injured,” one of the boys said from his hospital bed, with bullets visible next to him.” 

“The US should get out of our country,” the boy added.
“The US should get out of our country,”
the boy added.
“When did NATO U.S. U.K.
stop lying?”
“When did NATO U.S. U.K.
stop lying?”
Las Vegas killing
UK and US war crimes
All victims were women and children
28 women children killed Afghanistan

Twenty-eight civilians have been killed in airstrikes in Afghanistan this week, with the latest strike killing 13 people, according to the United Nations Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA). 

All of the victims were women and children.
Destruction, not liberation US-led coalition spares no civilian lives bombing Raqqa Syria
US Bombing
All victims women and children
US bombing attack all victims women and children
US Bombing
All victims women and children
site of US bombing attack all victims were women and childrenborder=
‘Children killed on spot, woman’s legs torn off’
Afghan witnesses say 10 killed in US airstrike   click here
Opium and Criminal Politicians?
“It’s politics. The ministries, the politicians… authorities want poppy cultivation to continue,” founder of the ‘Mother’ association said.
Opium US caused

opium and Criminal Politicians? It’s politics. The ministries, the politicians… authorities want poppy cultivation to continue, founder of the ‘Mother’ association said
US profit taking cause of smuggling, opium pharmaceutical taking and opium despair     click here for article
During the Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan, which lasted from 1994 to 2001, opium production
saw a significant decline.
Then the U.S. invaded
Opium growth in Afghanistan soars, eradication close to zero – UN     click here for article
Afghanistan opium crop protected by British Military.

Britain protecting biggest Afghanistan heroin crop of all time
Britain protecting biggest Afghanistan heroin crop of all time
But the key question is this: what are our servicemen dying for?
In six years, the occupation has wrought one massive transformation in Afghanistan, a development so huge that it has increased Afghan GDP by 66 per cent and constitutes 40 per cent of the entire economy.
That is a startling achievement, by any standards.   Yet we are not trumpeting it.   Why not?
The answer is this. The achievement is the highest harvests of opium the world has ever seen.
The Taliban had reduced the opium crop to precisely nil.   I would not advocate their methods for doing this, which involved lopping bits, often vital bits, off people.   The Taliban were a bunch of mad and deeply unpleasant religious fanatics.   But one of the things they were vehemently against was opium.
That is an inconvenient truth that our spin has managed to obscure.   Nobody has denied the sincerity of the Taliban's crazy religious zeal, and they were as unlikely to sell you heroin as a bottle of Johnnie Walker.
They stamped out the opium trade, and impoverished and drove out the drug warlords whose warring and rapacity had ruined what was left of the country after the Soviet war.
Now U.K. and the U.S. is occupying the country, that has changed.
According to the United Nations, 2006 was the biggest opium harvest in history, smashing the previous record by 60 per cent.   This year will be even bigger.
Opium cultavation Afghanistan 1994 to 2014

Afghanistan opium crop protected by British Military.

Britain protecting biggest Afghanistan heroin crop of all time
Afghan Opium Harvesting Protected by British Occupation Forces
Opium Harvesting, c.200 metres from Camp Bastion Airfield Perimeter
By Anthony Heaford
Global Research, August 23, 2015
Region: Asia
Theme: US NATO War Agenda
In-depth Report: AFGHANISTAN
In this 7.5° view of Afghanistan, captured from an Airfield guard tower, we can see several less auspicious elements of the ISAF invasion and occupation:
   Heroin Production
The photograph shows five men harvesting opium a couple of hundred metres from Camp Bastion perimeter defences, seen in the foreground.
Not only was this illegal drug production being carried out in the shadow of ISAF’s Main Operating Base, it was being done under the protection of British soldiers.   Her Majesty’s Armed Forces (Army and RAF) were protecting this man’s cash crop from illicit ‘taxation’ by the Afghan National Police or Army.
The duplicity is in what the Ministry of Defence tell people we are doing, and what we are actually doing.   As this photo was taken there was a World Service edition of ‘From Our Own Correspondent’ playing.   The particular BBC correspondent, Quentin Sommerville, was ‘embedded’ with British soldiers in Helmand, who were assisting in the destruction of poppy fields.   This must raise the question as to why poppy fields on the edge of Bastion’s airfield were protected whilst another farmer’s crop in a neighboring valley was destroyed?
The land in the once barren valley was now watered by the effluent of the 30,000 people living in Camp Bastion, creating a mini property boom for the owner of the land, a Mohammad Daoud.   The valley bordering Camp Bastion’s airfield had become a busy agricultural area, with parcels of land rented out to tenant farmers, migrant farm laborers camping a hundred metres from the defences, plus all the associated traffic.   Whether this is the same Mohammad Daoud as former Governor of Helmand Province Mohammad Daoud is yet to be confirmed.   If confirmed, the irony of former Governor Daoud having previously championed British poppy eradication efforts would illustrate our corruption accurately.
To quote former Governor Daoud:
Unless the international community includes poppy eradication and fighting drugs in their list of ways to fight terrorism, they will not succeed in this fight because it (the drug trade) is the fuel in the machine of terrorism.
Our incompetence is best ‘illustrated’ by the deaths of two US Marines, Sergeant Bradley Atwell and Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Raible, and the destruction of £200+ million worth of equipment, in the Taliban’s audacious airfield raid of 2012.   The attackers of 14th September launched the raid from this same valley, where despite it’s proximity to £££Billions of aircraft across the airfield, the Command appeared to assess the risk there as minimal to non existent.   This ‘lax’ attitude (criminal negligence in my eyes) reportedly extended to not providing any night vision equipment to soldiers guarding the airfield on a moonless Afghan night.   To describe this as simple ‘incompetence’ is being very generous indeed to those responsible.
Two men are dead because the British Army and Royal Air Force failed to protect a stationary target — an airfield.   I can only apologize for my part in that.
Author: Anthony C Heaford, Craftsman / Vehicle Mechanic in British Territorial Army 2009 to 2013, No.30088729.   Six month tour of Afghanistan, April to October 2012. Based in Camp Bastion.
Afghanistan 2012-2016
NATO: Afghanistan Heroin Who’s going to pay the bills.
8000 civilian casualties reported in US-led war in 2014.
A four-year-old boy was gunned down when US marines based in the province of Helmand mistakenly opened fire on the boy.
Afghan President Hamid Karzai has strongly condemned the US airstrike that killed 7 children and a woman in central Afghanistan
Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding UN mandate to extend NATO mission in Afghanistan
       The civilians had been going out to hunt birds with air rifles in the Nangarhar province when they were shot down by NATO forces.      
       20 U.S. troops involved in Kandahar massacre      
     Trump riding an elephant over Earth wars and their refugees      
     War Crimes by Obama NATO       
Afghanistan — U.S. soldiers cutting off body parts
Women sexually assaulted before being killed by US soldiers
“Sailor who refused to learn how to fire a gun because of 'immoral' Afghan war jailed for seven months
Afghanistan villagers bring their dead children killed by NATO US airstrike to the governor's office shouting: 'See they are children'
Dead fingers are tossed around within the company.
Afghanistan 2006-2011
As US casualties in Afghanistan rise, US Army suicides, drug use set new records
The US military massacred nine children in an airstrike in Afghanistan’s northeastern Kunar province targeted by helicopter gunships sent from a nearby base run by the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF)
Burn blankets and clothing and other items distributed by NATO coalition troops — Ghazni Afghanistan
An Afghanistan vehicle was trying to get into the main road when the two foreign occupation vehicles hit it and killed all four Afghanistan occupants — People throw stones and chant 'Death to Karzai' in reference to Hamid Karzai, the Afghan president.
     Another US war crime in Afghanistan       
     Children killed in home by US NATO     
      Do you enjoy the blood that much Obama!     
Torture and Afghanistan
The incidents are not isolated cases.   We cannot assert that they were the norm, but Private Brand acknowledges, for example, that he beat some twenty other detainees.   Blows and painful positions were used very frequently in Afghanistan.   According to our own inquiries almost all the prisoners who subsequently testified underwent abuse.
The two detainees were "chained in their cells and frequently beaten." The investigators cite credible information according to which four guards regularly "kicked them in the groin and the legs," "threw them against walls and tables," "forced them to stay in painful positions during interrogations and poured water into their mouths until they suffocated."
Most implicated troops are getting off without significant punishment — in two-thirds of known abuse cases, troops have received only administrative punishments like reprimands and demotions — no CIA officers have been charged
What I find is that the US Marines act with impunity
Away from the eyes of the media, humiliation and brutalisation takes place
The factual and contextual disconnects between divergent Americans is simply too great to tackle
Afghanistan Part III
More on death of Dilawar
Afghanistan Part IV
NATO's silent toxic air-spraying planes
Chemtrails HAARP and the full spectrum dominance of planet earth.

Image: internet
Climate engineering weather warfare collapse of civilization

Image: internet
“I had a Sunday dinner a few weeks ago at the house of my dad’s and stepmom’s neighbors.
The man and woman of the house are in their 60’s and both proud liberals.
The man said he was a ‘Berkley liberal.’ He supports Hillary, she supports Bernie Sanders.
Towards the end of the dinner he expressed the opinion that a few nuke bombs on some of the major cities in Iraq would be a good idea.
Previous to that, he defended the dropping of nuke bombs on Japan.
The guy’s wife, the Bernie supporter, added something about the barbarous tribal nature of Iraqi society.
She quoted Deepak Chopra on the [evil] nature of Mohamed.
Their son is a fighter pilot who is thinking about joining the top gun program.
He is gay but is too scared to come out to his work colleagues.”
Bi-Polar Disorder: Obama’s Bait-and-Switch Environmental Politics — click here
P.S. from Kewe to the above article written by Paul Street.
I accept the sun is a much greater factor in global weather than human-made activity.
That it is possible climate change will become a bigger problem but also more probable the sun is presently taking us into a mini-cold period.
That the increase in human-made carbon dioxide combined in the stratosphere with other Earth-releasing-of-warmth blocking chemicals is causing a wave of new tree/plant growth in areas not seen for many millennium.
That seeding of the clouds being done by NATO with its toxic compounds is completely destructive to the soil, seas and inland waters beneath, and many vulnerable humans and varied life, and that the politicians responsible for this NATO destructive activity should be held accountable for such as being enemies of Earth's eco-structure and livability.
From the video 'Holes in Heaven' — Brooks Agnew, Earth Tornographer
In 1983 I did radio tornography with 30 watts looking for oil in the ground.
I found 26 oil wells over a nine state area.
100 hundred percent of the time was accurate, which is just 30 watts of power beaming straight into solid rock.
HAARP uses a billion watts beamed straight into the ionosphere for experiments.
Picture these strings on the piano as layers of the Earth, each one has its own frequency.
What we used to do is beam radio waves into the ground and it would vibrate any 'strings' that were present in the ground.
We might get a sound back like ___ and we would say, that's natural gas.
We might get a sound back like ____ and we'd say that's crude oil.
We were able to identify each frequency.
We accomplished this with just 30 watts of radio power.
If you do this with a billion watts the vibrations are so violent that the entire piano would shake.
In fact the whole house would shake.
In fact the vibrations could be so severe under ground they could even cause an earthquake.
Download or watch movie on HAARP — Advanced US Military research weapon on behaviour modification
weather change, ionesphere manipulation — click here
Download or watch audio of Dr. Nick Begich talking on HAARP
— The 2006 update to 'Angels Don't Play This HAARP'.
'Angels Still Don't Play This HAARP: Advances In Tesla Technology'.
Planet Earth Weapon by Rosalie Bertell
ozone, HAARP, chemtrails, space war — click here
What HAARP Is.. And Everything Its Used For
Full HAARP Documentary — click here
Angels Dont Play This HAARP weather manipulation
1 hour 36 minutes video — click here
(poor quality to watch but well worth listening)
Dr. Nick Begich, his book and his articles can be found here      
Article on Chemtrails — unusual cloud formations in the US.
U.S. Bombing of Fallujah
— the Third World War continued: Chechnya, North Ossetia, Ingushetia
More atrocities - Ahmed and Asma, story of two children dying
al-Sadr City
Iraq's real WMD crime - the effects of depleted uranium
World War Two soldiers did not kill Kill ratio Korea, Vietnam. Iraq.
Aid agencies compromised by US actions
US soldiers committing suicide Afghanistan Iraq — Most Recent
Psychologist Pete Linnerooth was one of three who were part of a mental health crew in charge of the US 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division in the Baghdad area of Iraq.   Pete Linnerooth committed suicide by turning a gun upon himself in January of 2013
Veterans kill themselves at a rate of one every 80 minutes.   More than 6,500 veteran suicides are logged every year — more than the total number of soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq combined since those wars began.
Mary Coghill Kirkland said she asked her son, 21-year-old Army Spc. Derrick Kirkland, what was wrong as soon as he came back from his first deployment to Iraq in 2008.   He had a ready answer: "Mom, I'm a murderer."
A military base on the brink
As police agents watched he shot himself in the head
Murders, fights, robberies, domestic violence, drunk driving, drug overdoses
US soldiers committing suicide Afghanistan Iraq II
U.S. Soldier Killed Herself After Objecting to Interrogation Techniques
Private Gary Boswell, 20, from Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, was found hanging in a playground in July
She is Jeanne "Linda" Michel, a Navy medic.   She came home last month to her husband and three kids ages 11, 5, and 4, delighted to be back in her suburban home of Clifton Park in upstate New York.   Two weeks after she got home, she shot and killed herself.
Peterson refused to participate in the torture after only two nights working in the unit known as the cage
     United States Numb to Iraq Troop Deaths       
     All papers relating to the interrogations have been destroyed     
      We stripped them and were supposed to mock them and degrade their manhood     
US soldiers committing suicide Iraq Vietnam
The Iraq War - complete listing of articles, includes images
The House of Saud and Bush
       All with U.S. Money:       
       US and Israel War Crimes       
All with U.S. Money:

Israel agents stole identity of New Zealand cerebral palsy victim.

( July 15, 2004) The Foreign Ministry will take steps towards restoring relations with New Zealand. New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark today announced she was implementing diplomatic sanctions after two Israelis were sentenced on charges of attempting to obtain illegal passports. Despite Israeli refusal to respond to the accusations, the two are labeled in the New Zealand media as Mossad agents acting on behalf of the Israeli intelligence community.

Foreign Ministry officials stated they will do everything possible to renew diplomatic ties, expressing sorrow over the "unfortunate incident".
Projected mortality rate of Sudan refugee starvation deaths — Darfur pictures
Suicide now top killer of Israeli soldiers
Atrocities files - graphic images
'Suicide bombings,' the angel said, 'and beheadings.'

'And the others that have all the power - they fly missiles in the sky.

They don't even look at the people they kill.'
       The real Ronald Reagan       
       — Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, South Africa        
Follow the torture trail...

Photos May 2004

        When you talk with God        
         were you also spending your time, money and energy, killing people?         
       Are they now alive or dead?       

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US Debt

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Lest we forget - Ahmed and Asma, story of two children dying

More photos May 2004
American military: Abu Gharib (Ghraib) prison photos, humiliation and torture
- London Daily Mirror article: non-sexually explicit pictures

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The celebration of Jerusalem day, the US missiles that rained onto children in Gaza,
and, a gathering of top articles over the past nine months

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The Iraq War - complete listing of articles, includes images

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US missiles - US money - and Palestine

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Ethnic cleansing in the Beduin desert

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