To link an image to a blog please link (hotlink) the image as you would normally do.
We would request that you provide some of the information of the image for those viewing your blog.
To obtain information of the image, click on View/Source in your browser, this will show you the source page.
Find two or three words near the image, do a 'search' of the source page.This will take you near the image and you will be able to copy (that which you wish to copy) of the information with the image.
If it is possible
If it is possible we would request that instead of linking (hotlinking) the image to your blog, that you copy the image (right click save picture as) to your blog host.
Often there is a small fee involved in storing images with your blog host by paying this fee to them you will help prevent our servers from crashing, as they will should they be taxed, have too many requests for images coming to them.
By paying your blog hosting service a small fee, if this is required, you will of course be also able to store your own images to your blog .
To place a TheWE page or part of a TheWE page (mirror image) on your website, click here
Thank You