These ‘Papas’ these ‘Fathers,’
‘Let us go to torture,’ they say.
‘Let us burn the witches!’
Chapter Twenty Two
Veil of Witches
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venings at the Manor, Constance dreads.  Ronald remained with her in the evenings.  Now she is alone.
They had dined in the dining room, the four of them, the first time since Ronald parted.  Meg seated at the table instead of him.
Coffee and drinks in the parlour, Arthur asked if he could join her in the garden.  She said she wished to be there with the light nights.  Now the two watch the last of the late sunset.
“Do you think giving the children a real education will work?” asks Contance.
“Bringing the children out of the class structure they are in?  It would work if we would do it!  An added benefit would be mixing the rich with the poor.  Special reserved schools for those who wish to engage in that which the school is proficient.  Nothing reserved for money. Nothing for status.  No more status.  Status would not exist — once and for all rid society of status.”
“Only that which a child wishes to do, wishes to engage time.”
“Yes!  I believe that is the future, should we wish.”
“Would it work?”
“Yes! Will you make it your first priority to advance after Annabell is married?”
Constance smiles, “No!  I am not a leader.”
“Do we need leaders?”
“You do it, Arthur.  I will give my support.”
“I don’t know if I can, my dear.  I don’t know if I can.”
“I suppose it will have to be left to parents.”
“Yes!  Someday parents will recognise they cannot follow the state, because the state is inadequate.  The state only cares about its promulgations, its power, and to care for the people who have that power.”
“Yes!  A pity!  Those who have power...”
“It’s true.  Any real innovation always comes from the people ignoring the government, just doing it themselves.”
“We do have to get rid of government!”
“Yes!  Allow people to once again take back their lives.”
“The elderly?  The sick?”
“We will find a way once we have rid ourselves of the tyranny.  It will be better than we are presently doing.”
“We like to fit!”
“Yes, but only because we have been taught, had it constantly drilled into us that this is the way.
“So our animal instincts?”
“We will finally become human, a real human.  Very few of us ever have, you know.  They have to hide because they cannot bear us, cannot bear what they see we do.
“Gossip, judging, this is not who we could be.  We have the ability inside to be much better.  To live perfectly with ourselves, our neighbours, with our extended environment.”
“If only we would do it?”
“I picked up a book about the Biddiford witches, those hanged here in Devon?  How easy it is to be manipulated.”
“The families?”
“Well yes the families!  But here it was ignorance, and fear.  They are our worst enemies.
“Three centuries of burning witches, because we were told we should.  Why didn’t we stop doing this horrible act?  Because in some way we relished having it done to someone else.
“We feasted on seeing a neighbour in pain, a family that a day before we have been speaking with, now taken and horribly tortured.“
Arthur with almost perfect recall starts reciting from pages he has read:
...great pricking pains in one of her knees...  And that every of the said pricks were as though it had been the prick of a Thorn.’

The Game - The Enslavement Dream.
“The woman who had felt the pricking, complainant Grace Thomas, she had demanded ‘of the said Temperance Lloyd’ one of the women who were hanged:
“‘whether she had any wax or clay in the form of a picture whereby she had pricked and tormented the said Grace Thomas.’

The Game - The Enslavement Dream.
... that this Deponent, by order of the said Mr. Mayor, did search the Body of the said Temperance Lloyd, in the presence of Honor Hooper and several other Women.

The Game - The Enslavement Dream.
And upon search of her said body, she this Informant did find in her Secret Parts two Teats hanging nigh together like unto a piece of Flesh that a Child had suckt. And that each of the said Teats
was about an Inch in length.

The Game - The Enslavement Dream.
Upon which this Informant did demand of her the said Temperance whether she had been suckt at that place by the black man?  meaning the Devil.

The Game - The Enslavement Dream.
“Is that something that really happened, Arthur?”
“Three women were hung.  Written within the trial papers.  August 25, 1682.  hung up in Heavitree, Exeter.”
Arthur takes a deep breath.  “Henrietta said we have to remember who we are.  ‘How can we remember who we are?’ I asked her. ‘All we see around us is The Game. Our memories go back as far as birth.  Most of us have no recall even of birth.  This is who we are.’  She laughed. ‘And they use us as their tool because we do not think! We accept what they tell us!’
“You believe in the Devil, Conny?”
“I think so.  Do you?”
“I believe in The Kingdom as being part of the Dream.  I also believe those pretending to be ‘Holy,’ are themselves part of the Dream.  And those pretending to be ‘Holy’ look what they brought us.  Three centuries of torture and burning.  Pontificate since I studied real history has come to mean something quite different.”
“To when?”
“To when I believed!”
“You once believed in God!”
“Are you trying to get me burnt for heresy?”
Constance laughs.  “Fortunately they are not doing that now.”
“No!  But they will do it another way.  They never stop torturing. They will find a way, give some reasoning they concoct.
“These ‘Papas’ these ‘Fathers,’ in Rome, Switzerland, Germany, Christendom, whether of the Protestant or the Roman faith, ‘Let us torture,’ they say.  ‘Let us burn the witches!  Let us cleanse ourselves of this evil!’
“I have been in the ‘dungeons,’ the real places where pain instruments cleansed the evil.  A ‘Bluebeard’ with another name, an ‘Inquisitor,’ someone possessed to cause pain to another.
“What will be the new ‘Boots of leather,’ where boiling water is poured around a foot.  Where the leg and foot is placed inside an iron casing, wooden or metal wedges hammered into the casing, hammered to crush the foot, to crush the leg.  They did that, you know.  They did it in the name of Jesus.
“How can we devise a choke pear — a metal piece in the shape of a pear, forced into the mouth.  The mind in its wild conceptualising even has come to oil or molten lead filling the boot that holds a victim’s feet.
“A metal casing around the feet filled with water, having the feet then raised upon a fire, the water inside the casing brought to boiling.  This happened.  Not once, it was part of the stock of torturing that went from country to country, all across ‘Christendom.’ Do it in the name of ‘Christ.’ This is what ‘Christ’ would want?”
“It does seem incredulous.”
“You wish to hear more?”
“You think I should not know!”
“I bring it to stress they really do know we are very much part animal.
“Most animals of course would turn away from doing such a thing.
“Killing might be part of their instinct, and fighting when the mating season is upon them, but torture, only a few animals engage in torture.  Mostly it is humans.
“Humans have that brain!  Human can devise, create, play in a way that is beyond an animal’s ability to play!
“Humans can torture, and create a reason for torturing another.  It can be made part of a ritual of cleansing society, to devise means of pain, means of causing another suffering.
“The Catapelta in which a man, a woman, a child will be placed to have their bones crushed.
“The cucking-stool, the woman’s punishment, where one will be tied to a chamber pot.  The magistrate setting time for such humiliation to continue.  Placed upon a tumbrel cart, dragged around, a ‘scold,’ a woman accused of gossip, a wife accused of having a bad temper, a prostitute engaged in brothel activity.
“The savagery has no bounds once it begins.  Only death saves the person who has fallen into the grip of the state, into a judge’s clutches.
“With the witch frenzy reaching new heights, ducking stools were done away with.  With more conceptualisation of how to inflict pain and terror, an accused woman now will have her right thumb tied to her left big tow.  Tied like this she will be thrown into a pond. By not sinking she proves she is not a witch.  By floating she has proven she is a witch and hung. Judicium Dei — trial by God.  Except it was trial by extremely sick humanity.
“For men there is a metal long thin tube.  Following the thoughts of an inner being possessing some-a-one, some artisan comes up with lining this tube with tiny spikes. The tube is heated until the metal is red with heat.  Then it is placed around the male member of a victim.  These tubes exist.  You can see them in any respectable Christian torture room.
“Did you know ovens have been built for the purpose of cooking humans, for cooking their children.  Lambert Daneau, one devout Calvinist theology professor in Geneva, he proposes a great building of death ovens across Europe.  ‘The Sorcerers, a very useful dialogue and very necessary for this time,’ is an English translation of this work brought forth from possession.
“Inside these small dark ovens the temperature is made to rise slowly intensifying the agony of those placed inside. Only when the screaming comes and then the death, is it considered at an end.
“Jean Bodin, French lawyer and philosopher, writes in his book: ‘De la Demonamanie des Sorciers,’ that such burnings are lenient. He castigates any prince of state who might pardon a witch.
“‘This greatly insults God,’ he writes.  Bodin’s book made it acceptable to torture children.
“People require very little to persuade them to do very heinous things if the state says it is needed for whatever purpose a governance in its perversion deems a need.
“Bodin, who advocates torture, is said to be involved in practises to bring forth the devil.  I have no doubt he is possessed by some inner entity to write such a manual. A search takes place of his house by the General Prosecutor because of his reputed devil practices.  We have in the department some French notes, a copy of a memorandum that the prosecutor was prevented from continuing his investigation, prevented by intervention from higher authorities.
“The rack, where victims are stretched to the point of dislocation of limb, where a popping sound is waited to be heard in the joint, followed always by the screaming. Such pain is enhanced by placing hot irons upon the body. Pincers taken red from the fire, placed upon nipples, the nose, the male or female reproductive organs.
“The Pope’s Pear, named after Innocent IV.  Humans do have a way of showing they know where all of this originates from.  A cruel iron instrument shaped like a pear inserted into a woman’s private area.  Claws within the instrument turned to tear the human inside.  A lock in the handle prevents any removal from the screaming woman without a key.  Just in case some human might find a moment of compassion.
“Innocent IV with his papal bull Ad extirpanda, gives the legal argument for torture being acceptable.  But no state has ever needed any outside mandate for cruelty.  It does not need one now.
“These instruments fashioned in some fire pit of a mind — humans conceptualise that which will torture, then make them, then give, sell them, to other humans to use them.
“The crank will not harm a limb.  The crank is used to penetrate into the intestines.  A conscious person having the crank placed inside them, will at the moment of intense pain feel the sudden rotation inside.  Then the screams of another person becomes real.”
. . .
Arthur bows his head in agreement at Constance.  “Yes! Witchcraft laws were directly aimed at women.  For those mentored by the dragons, the male phallus must wipe out all traces of female lifestyle teachings — witchery.
Occult knowledge very much continues for those who look to the dragons for mentoring, the educated rich using fanciful language to disguise their skill. 
“Men and women who practise herbal remedies, practice any healing that is of the ancient female path of medicine, they must be destroyed.
“These who try to assist those who are sick with their healing knowledge of plants and root, or whatever they have learnt from inner or outer sources — perhaps chanting that itself holds a mind-changing property and through mind can have miraculous effect — these ideas must be destroyed
“I have told you of the visit of Henrietta and I when we travelled to Languedoc in Southern France.  I have spoken about Constantine.  When people seek help outside normal channels, this takes power away from who wish to control.  Ideas of going into inner worlds, of having experience of different realities, varied frequencies, takes a person outside the channel of religion. Religion is a controlling mechanism.  Such the purpose of Constantine and his courtly gatherings of the religious.
“In Christendom, including Britain, ‘Trial by ordeal’ a person made to hold red hot ploughshares, or a red hot iron, made to remove a stone from a pot of boiling water, drowning and varied horrors has long been practised.
“But also in Celtic parts, including Britain, witchery healing has been tolerated even with Christianity.  Plant and root teaching, the most effective part of such healing, was within the Celtic Christian tradition.
“Witchery can be used to harm others, people believe witchery is used for such purpose, but in Britain, and many places with Celtic and pagan traditions, witchery, accepted as more than Earth bodily reality, is frightening, but also is part of the life of the ordinary person.
“Maximum retribution for someone discovered having practiced the dark arts of witchery in Britain, until the lead up to the Inquisition period, would be banishment from the community.
“The core centre of the Roman church Popery: Papa, Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, Priests, had become so corrupted that people were turning away in great numbers, forming their own groupings.
“The Cathars, the Waldensians, those who became the Huguenot, who found themselves banished to places such as America after great mass torture, these societies were tearing down the belief system that the Roman church in its corruption sought to maintain to provide an income for it vast clergy.  Something had to be done.
“Heresy was used.  Many states in Europe had enacted law that those found heretical could be burned.  Those within the church could not kill a person, but they were the ones to determine if a person was heretical.  The state could not do this.
“This was a religious matter.  The inquisition system had the church first determining condemnation, removing itself, handing the person over to the magistrate system for determination of punishment by the state as a heretic — which in Europe meant being burnt, or as mentioned with the ovens, being cooked alive.
“Innocent VIII consolidating bulls and especially the bulls of Innocents IV — ‘Summis Desiderantes,’ Desiring with Supreme Adore, if you can believe the title — the fear of witchcraft reached into deep lunacy.
“Both church and state involved, money was the prime reason to continue with the slaughter.  Those who held power within the state had no reason to challenge that which was providing a good income.
“German overlords were given two thirds of the estate of a victim, the church coffers one third.  The Inquisitor, who did the work of torture, would be paid an agreed income for his work.  Where principalities were Bishoprics, fiefdoms overlorded by a bishop, the bishops kept it all.
“Payment was not only made to the Inquisitor, state judges had to be paid.  Payment made to those who stacked the faggots for burning, payment to tradesman such as those who provided the faggots, inn-keepers paid well when an inquisition party came to the town.
“Because the state was involved, much of the torture that took place is documented.  One describes a woman where with hands bound spirit alcohol is thrown over the woman’s hair, a lighted flame placed to the hair.
“Sulphur smeared across the body is set to fire.  The document states that after this the woman is strung to the ceiling while the Inquisitor and his accomplished torturer go for a meal.
“The meal lasts four hours.  All details are recorded for exact accounting purposes.  The expense charged for the dinner at the inn.  The daily charge for the inquisitor’s rooms.  The cost of the henchmen assisting the inquisitor, the cost of their rooms.
“When the torturers return, the woman is lowered some distance from hanging on the ceiling.  Heavy weights tied to her dangling legs, a post with sharp spikes nailed into them, is pressed into her. Then thumbs and toes are squeezed inside a vice where they bleed.
“The record states a whipping takes place before the Inquisitor takes time for another meal.  All costs, including the burning costs, is levied to the estate of the woman and her family.
“In Spain the heresy trials take more than two hundred thousand lives.  Women, men, children tortured to confess, then upon confession, burned.
“England, Wales and Ireland from before the time of Ecgberht in 734 had a history of giving a penance to those called witches, the penance being a fast over a period of time.  The Bulls of Innocent IV and succeeding Popes, the infamous Innocent VIII reasoning, did away with this.
“Innocent VIII, keeping a wife and children, as many of his fellow Cardinals and Bishops, ghoulish talk circulates of the first recorded instance of direct transfusion of blood. As the Pontiff, Papa Innocent VIII lies upon a bed, a boy also lies upon a bed.  A pipe is inserted into both the boy and Innocent VIII, the blood of the two mingling as it is supposed to flow to Innocent VIII to keep him alive.  Boys in succession die, infection coming to the boys. The direct transfusions continue.
“Scotland is swept with the madness of ‘witchery.’ A tortured person will denounce someone to save themselves from pain. When the pain stops the person will often in the goodness of their heart renounce their accusation.  This happens again and again. Recantations, because there are so many, become accepted as that which most people under torture do  Charges made under torture are always taken as truth, renouncing ignored.
“If a woman being tried as a witch is poor, payment for the trial and punishment has to be given up by those in the village in which she has lived her life.  Payment to the judge, payments for those who do the torturing, payment for the person who makes up the stake.  In Scotland, no small sum going to James IV, our delightful monarch James I.
“James, the profiteer of torture, is so taken with the proceedings of witchery and torture, he produces writings bound into three volumes: Daemonologie, In Forme of a Dialogie.
“One tale is that of a woman having heated metal drawn around her arms, which in the process of the torturing, crushes her arms. This same woman is forced to observe her son having his feet placed into an iron boot.  She has to watch while the blows given to the wedges placed into the boot crush her son’s feet to pulp.
“Hundreds of thousands of women in the kingdoms of Christendom perish by torture, and consequent burning.
“Whippings so that the flesh is separated from the bone, the person, man or woman or child, being whipped until there is only bone.
“Women tortured in front of their husbands, in front of their children.  Children tortured in front of their mothers. Grandparents brought to stand and watch as a their ‘witch’ daughter receives the test.
“Does this have the approval the populace?  Some did speak out. These find themselves taken by the Inquisitors, placed under the same torture to determine if they are witches, dying the same death of burning.
“I cannot speak of some of the engagements of those possessed to torture. That which we think of ‘Evil’ at its most supine, practiced in the name of Christ.  A Bedlamatic pleasure seeing a child five years old put to death as a witch.
“Of course they still do this in Africa.  Hysteria and the lust to kill another is not restricted to this continent and the Americas.
“Books, ‘Malleus Maleficarum’ intellectual reasoning for those needing a wordy weight of a book for horror they are about to perform upon another, then ‘Domonolatria Libri Tres’ first accepted, then as enough of the populace are repulsed, these reasoning themselves denounced.
“It is said Innocent VIII had sixteen children.  A one who obviously did not like the Papa’s — professor of Roman law at the University of Rome, historian Stefano Infessura — in his writings states that the blood of the boys dripping into the Pope to keep him alive, the Pope who had brought death and misery to hundreds of thousands in Europe, this technique performed by a doctor who held the Jewish faith, as many physicians of the day did, the boys were given a ducat each for allowing their blood to mix with the ‘Papa.’ The boys were not told of the boys who had died.
“‘De modo quo homines in bestiales formas transformant,’ Arthur laughs, ’concerning the measure by which man into beast is formed.’ This is a description of how a witch will call upon the devil to turn a man into a beast. This becomes the building of thought for both the masses, and those who are able to read, to accept.  And for those who set up the law within the state, to the politicians who succumb to the possession that must come over a person who creates such law.
“The red hot iron collar, the iron boots where your feet are gradually burnt off so that the ends of the legs are stumps.  The Strappado, the Sqassation, the Heretic’s Fork, the Pope’s Pear, the Maiden of Nuremberg.
“Ah!  The ‘Maiden of Nuremberg.’ I have seen this sarcophagus that has the shape of an ancient Goddess.  It is still there in Germany for all to see.  Spikes have been designed by some artisan where the spikes pierce the body both from the front and from the back, but designed so as not to puncture vital organs.  A person, a victim, is forced into this human shaped sarcophagus, the door closed slowly as the spikes begin to pierce
“The casing is so thick that once closed nothing can be heard of the screams.  It is said the doors will be opened and shut, depending upon the fancy of the torturers, the same body parts pierced.
“‘I have no compassion upon the witches.  They are all evil.  I would burn them all,’ a translation of the words of Martin Luther.”
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