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Theresa May fake story telling killing Syria children    Video fake Syria gas attack Download    UK vaccuum thermobaric bombs
Big lie that led us into World War II     Lusitania    Israel has over 200 nuclear weapons pointed at Tehran
Iran all due to Israel fearing its loss?    Israel nuclear weapons gag order     Veteran who walked with Putin after pushed by guards
Israel - They dare not speak its name    General Wesley Clark     Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Africa, Iran
US protecting ISIS    Israel arms in Syria     Eat complete organic diet
US Saudi Arabia Money talks until death destroys us all!
    Skripal Syria gas attack fake propaganda explored
UK Sun newspaper fake news
    UK using organ-rupturing thermobaric vacuum bombs in Syria
Israel Building a Zionist state on foundation of Palestine human skulls    Like Nazis who died in world war II, Palestine victims of Israel killings