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Ukraine under US management
once innocent lives, totally ignored by the Corrupt Regime of UKraine supported by the US and Europe
Pension funds — Underfunding of all public pensions in aggregate is at least $8 trillion.
Washington’s false claims of hospital bombing in Eastern Gouta came after Syrian Army repelled an attack of the US-backed groups
Google goes faschist. — Google and YouTube now blatantly trying to steal the 2018 elections
Psych meds ninety percent of school shootings.
antidepressant serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs
Paxil maker must pay eight million dollars
Aborted Fetus Cells Found In Vaccines Cause Autism
scientist Helen Ratajczak says human DNA from aborted fetus cells in vaccines
Skripal poisoning Western propaganda — Novichok Theresa May 45 minute weapons mass destruction Iraq war — Porton Down UK nerve gas
UK forever shame — Yemen: ‘Toxic, damaging shameful’
UK and Saudi Arabia sign huge arms deal