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Mink whale Antartica.    Japan kills 133 whales, 122 pregnant    The whale is mortally wounded
Trump keeps killing    UK US France bombing of Syria
Half of Afghanistan children miss out on school due to fighting, poverty and discrimination
Israel shot medic deliberate war crime
Mexico Three More Female Politicians Murdered In 24 Hours - Erika Cázares, Juana Irais Maldonado, Pamela Terán Pineda
US UK French war crimes    UN vetoes by US
US LPG gas triple prices of Russia gas
Spraying toxic pesticides before harvest
    Eating organic food
Israel contributions to U.S. politicians
    Israel aiding Saudi Arabia in Developing Nuclear Weapons
US firebombing of Tokyo May 1945    US Major General Curtis LeMay
Putin cooks for XI Jinping on bullet train.    Putin becomes first foreign leader to get China’s Order of Friendship
Israel contributions to U.S. politicians
Saudi Arbia US UK War Crimes Yemen
    John Perkins at Marlboro College 2008
Trump connections with Rothschild and Israel
Jump Donald says Rothschild    How high should I jump, says Donald.
Chlorpyrifos is an insecticide that can harm children’s brains and nervous systems at small doses.
Big Brother    Inner Party    Outer Party
US rape in secret prisons    UK and US War Crimes Yemen    Israel Nuclear Weapons — Yemen
Reality Winner US fallen so low    Zero proof of Russian hacking
Iran is now the Iraq for Rothschild Trump and Israel
Soda Sugar Nasty Stuff
Young fathers removed for Israel politics    Israel contributions to U.S. politicians