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Israel soldiers shoot children in arms and legs to cripple — US & Venezuela 2017 — Australia psychotic children
Last words of dying journalist Khaled Alkhateb
Iraq Iran war 1980 1988 — US support for Iraq — US links to Saddam — CIA helped Saddam Hussein use nerve gas on Kurd village of Halabja, sarin against Iran troops
Medvedev attacks US Illuminati — A non-systemic player, Trunp has to be removed by American political elite — Deep state against Trump’s pragmatic approach or those interests of US multinationals who oppose sanctions
US sanctions evil bluff — ISIS attacked then US bombed our village — Illuminati US tool: War with China — Download David Icke mp3
US strike North Korea against common logic — long lived Kims’ rhetoric — minutes nothing left — Nucking of Nagasaki