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       Perhaps the BBC instead of its lies will report this ?
Transmogrification — the mind is illusion, all life is an illusion, a creation of fantasy that we act within.
Mind control experiments.
       Brain waves constitute a magnetic field around the head, the aura), each person having a unique, identifiable electromagnetic signature which becomes visible through Kirlian photography, and these fields can be monitored by satellites.
Our time of horror where one war criminal plays a game with another — Presidential Medal of Freedom Hypocrisy.
Mother looks for home destroyed by US.
       Killed more than a 1,450 Palestinians most of whom were women and children.
JPMorgan Chase on Capitol Hill.
       As the solar system moves closer to the galactic center.
As part alien myself — as all of us are only human in the physical body — Phil did not have the whole picture in this talk he gives. But who does have a 360 degree view.
Hollie Greig from her mother Anne — Paedophilia rampant through the British elite and government.
Brian Gerrish member of the British Constitution Group exposing paedophilia in the UK.