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Manufactured Transgender Pop Group 'Lady' Set to Debut
From left: Binu, Sine and Sahara

Pretty pop princesses are a dime a dozen, but meet 'Lady,' not your typical girly group.

These four foxy sirens are creating media frenzy as they poise to take the entertainment industry by storm.   Korea's first transgender group is set to release its debut album in a Euro-dance style.

And its members — Sine, Sahara, Binu and Yoona — born as 'he's are now 'she's with looks that many natural-born women would kill for.

"We love chocolate, shopping and gossip.   Mentally we were always women, the only difference being that we changed something physical, simply we are women with an extra scar," said one group member.

And Lady's agency is banking on this with the manufactured group.   In fact, the decision to create a transgender quartette is already reaping a marketing pay off.

It's hard to believe that the members of lady aged 22 through 29 had to compete with other transgender contenders in an audition, where they say, almost 400 other showed up for their shot at fame.

"Many people are speculating that you are trying to cash in on the novelty of being transgendered, but many are skeptical about if you have any talent, what do you say to that?"   "Soon we'll show everyone what we've got on stage."

Part of the paparazzi can be owed to the pioneering role of the Korean singer Harisu, who successfully created a niche for transsexuals in the traditionally conservative Korean entertainment industry.

All post-op transgenders, the members of Lady say that they are hoping to find acceptance from the public, having been warmly embraced by their families.   "It was hard for them at first, but now they support me."   "I was very fortunate, when I became an adult and went to get my gender reassignment surgery, my whole family came to support me."

But in a fickle industry their long-term popularity will depend on the quality of music they deliver, and only time will tell.   Waiting in the wings until the curtains go up on their big debut, each day is spend to the hilt, focusing on preparation, and for now they are just "ladies, in waiting."

Arirang TV

Transgender entertainer Harisu has become a sex counselor.

From June 16 to June 27 2005, Harisu will work alongside well-known sex specialist Gu Seong-ae to answer Internet users' questions about sex at the Internet portal site "Yahoo! Korea" (

Along with Gu, Harisu will write answers for the best 70 questions asked by Internet users through the site or cell phones.   Harisu's sex counseling is an event staged by Yahoo! Korea to mark the opening of its knowledge search service.   The answers given by Harisu and Gu will be kept in the "professional counseling" section of Yahoo! Korea's knowledge bank for continued reference.

Transgender Singer to Do Menstrual Pad Ads

"Foxy Lady" Harisu will be the first transgender individual to appear in an advertisement for menstrual pads.

From the middle of next month, Harisu will be appearing as a model in television and magazine ads for imported "UFT" sanitary napkins.

She'll get a guaranteed W100 million an ad for three months.   The selection of Harisu, a transsexual, as the model for menstrual pads is setting the advertising world on fire.

Up till now, male stars like Go Su and Gam U-seong have appeared in sanitary napkin ads, but never has a transgender individual appeared in an ad for such a feminine product.   The Taiwanese firm UFT really tried hard to cast Harisu in its ads.   In fact, when the singer first learned what the company wanted her to market, she was quite hesitant to agree to the project.

UFT, however, explained that the sanitary pads are a cutting-edge product that not only gives women that spring-fresh feeling, but also prevents menstrual cramps.   Hearing this, the singer eventually accepted the offer.

This ad will be Harisu's first in three years.

Her TV ads will be shot early next month, after which they'll hit the screens.   Her printed ads should be in magazines late this month.

Harisu, who's hit song "Foxy Lady" has made her quite busy lately, will return to Korea on Friday.   She is currently in the United States, where she will perform a concert after being selected as the "Korean Artist We'd Most Like to See" by the LA Korean Chamber of Commerce.

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For archive purposes, this article is being stored on website.
The purpose is to advance understandings of environmental, political,
human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues.