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The purpose is to advance understandings of environmental, political,
human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues.

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Friday 30 April 2004

From Anthony Harwood, US Editor, In New York


VIDEO footage of US soldiers torturing Iraqi prisoners of war horrified America yesterday.

TheTV stills showed a hooded captive standing on a box with wires attached to his hands, and naked prisoners stacked in a human pyramid while jeering troopers look on laughing.

Six soldiers now face court martial and jail.   One allegedly boasted that the captives "broke within hours".   Seven others, including a general, are suspended from duty and may be disciplined.

ORDEAL: Prisoner on box with wires attatched to his hands

Shocked Army spokesman Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt said: "I can't make excuses for this.   We're appalled.   These photos are dismaying."

TV network CBS said the prisoners were filmed late last year at notorious Abu Ghraib jail, Saddam's former torture HQ in western Baghdad, where the US is holding 4,400 detainees.

The prisoner standing on the box was told that if he fell off he would be electrocuted.   One of the men in the "pyramid" had an Arab insult written in English on his skin.

HUMILIATION: Soldiers grin behind the pyramid of captives

Other captives were forced to pose in humiliating positions, some of them simulating sex acts, as soldiers gave the thumbs up.

Army Reserve Staff Sergeant Chip, who is accused of striking detainees and ordering them to beat each other, was seen sitting on a prisoner.

He allegedly boasted in an email to his family: "We had a very high rate with our styles of getting them to talk.   They ended up breaking within hours."

Yesterday Frederick said he would deny abuse, claiming he was not shown Geneva Convention rules on how to treat captives.

VILE: Iraqi PoWs are forced to parade before their jeering captors

He said: "We had no support, no training whatsoever.

"I kept asking my chain of command for things like rules and regulations.   It just wasn't happening."   The soldiers, from the 800th Military Police Brigade, were arrested after the video images were sent to a friend who handed them to authorities.

The friend told investigators: "There are some things going on at Abu Ghraib that I can't live with."

Brig Gen Kimmitt said: "These pictures may reflect the actions of individuals.   But, by God, it doesn't reflect my army.

"If we can't hold ourselves up as an example of how to treat people with dignity and respect, we can't ask that other nations do that to our soldiers."

Former Marine Lieutenant Colonel Bill Cowan warned: "We'll be paid back for this after these people are let out."

BRUTAL: Woman soldier points at genitals of hooded and naked Iraqis

The charges faced by the six soldiers include dereliction of duty, cruelty, maltreatment, assault and indecent acts with another person.

Among the officers under investigation is 800th Brigade's commander, Brigadier General Janice Karpinski.

CBS broadcast the pictures on its show 60 Minutes early yesterday.   Last night they were shown on the BBC 6 O'Clock News.



Sadistic, blatant and wanton criminal abuses at Abu Ghraib by Military Intelligence

“Spec. Sabrina D. Harman, a military police officer has been charged with abusing detainees at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq”

“It is not secret at all, there are many Israeli experts who are transferring to the Americans their accumulative experience of thirty seven years of torturing and mistreating Palestinians,” al-Sanai told

He said that American officers joined Israeli army units in Jenin several months ago for the purpose of learning Israeli methods and techniques of repressing civilians, which the Americans, he said, later applied in Iraq.

“It took Israel 37 years to develop and perfect these barbaric methods of repression and humiliation.   Surprisingly, the Americans surpassed and outmatched the Israelis in their savagery in less than two years.”

Soldier C told the Mirror that suspects had "10 kids of crap" beaten out of them and said officers only stepped in when the appalling beatings got too heavy.

...He went up to one of the prisoners who still had a sandbag on his face and was poking his fingers into his eyeballs until the guy was screaming in pain

UK troops batter with rifle butts — warning has extremely abusive content

Outsourced civilian workers who beat, raped and humiliated iraq prisoners cannot be charged under military law, and it is unclear whether they will face any charges under either US or Iraqi laws.

Not the first incident to involve the Queen's Lancashire Regiment and allegations of brutality.   Seven people die in British custody in Iraq, none charged.

       Civilian Death Toll in Iraq May Top 1 Million     
            —  ORB, a British polling agency, September 2007          

Bush puts God on his side

Cook: Bring our lads home

     Iraqi rebels turning to defeat United States     

      I am ready to sacrifice the rest of my family to defeat America. 

  And God willing we will defeat her      

'Grief and horror — Images of the young Iraqi citizens killed April 2004'

War images

John Pilger at the start of the war

In your name

Checkpoint shootings: We're sorry

Sad Farewell to Iraq

Bombs won't win us friends

Mowlam: We must step up bombing

Doubts raised of UK soldier torture photos of May, 1 2004 — many aspects suspicious

Photographs taken and given to a photo-developing shop May 2003 by a UK soldier when he returned home had enough horror pictures of Iraq males being forced naked upon the floor, being forced to commit oral sexual acts, being bent over to receive anal sexual penetration, that the young woman clerk in the store called the police.

“Where are the human rights that the U.S. is always talking about?”

US tactics fuel Iraqi anger

Depleted Uranium, its effects being seen

State of the Union — USA

US servicemen

The stovepipe — instructions [were sent] from the Top Man [Saddam]—“give them everything.”

China EU countries Russia Japan lending money to US to the tune of $2 billion (2,000,000,000.00) daily
— Bleeding Bush strategy

US Debt

Am I going insane?

Kennedy slams CIA chief        
  Iraq analysis wildly inconsistent        
     Senator we did not clear the document


Cheney: Assessment done by department of defense

Iraq analysis wildly inconsistent

Flames of war spread into Pakistan

Murder, though it hath no tongue.


Faith Fippinger

The Book of Merlyn

The beating of the drum


For archive purposes, this article is being stored on website.
The purpose is to advance understandings of environmental, political,
human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues.