A truly dangerous notion.

‘Now of course they are aware that they are the subjects of a vast manhunt on the part of governmental authorities, and this does not surprise them, but they would like to point out that this is typical of law enforcement, to pursue very vigorously individuals performing civil disobedience or other protest actions, while allowing hundreds or even thousands of corporative executives to comprehensively break the laws without obstruction, or even with so-called law enforcement’s help and protection.

Corporations and governments from many countries have been despoiling this last wilderness continent in complete contempt for international law, and so for the US navy and the FBI now to come here searching for my clients is a travesty, the equivalent of arresting the protesters of a crime while the criminals stand right at hand. It makes them not a police but rather a private security force, which might as well take its pay directly from the foreign governments and transnational corporations it is serving.

As private security for corporations it makes sense to overlook gross malfeasance while brutally pursuing small individuals protest actions, which to corporations are indeed the more dangerous of the two.

The small spontaneous protests of individuals suggests after all that democracy might be a real thing, rather than just a cover story told to people to keep them in their places in the economic hierarchy.

And of course the idea that democracy might be real is much too dangerous a notion to allow it to spread very far, for if it did, and if everyone acted on truly democratic principles, including protesting obvious crimes against the law, then social control would be impossible and the gross inequities of the current order, in which five percent of the world’s population own ninety percent of the world’s wealth, would be revealed for the hypocritical environment-devastating injustice that it is.

Democracy in the United States and most of the rest of the industrial West is therefore a false front on a rich man’s mansion, a sham in which people are given a political vote but then clock in each day to an economic system in which their entire lives are regimented by a small group of executives busily downsizing whatever workplace rights people had gained in centuries of struggle.

So people can vote, yes, but for politicians all funded by the corporations in control of the system, meaning you can either vote for the part of the owner class that believes in treating its employees well, or for the part that believes in taking as much as possible from it employees, but in any case you have to vote for the continuation of the system and therefore of the owner class.

So the right to vote is meaningless. And in such a situation, a non-democratic situation, civil disobedience and direct non-lethal resistance are the only true options to co-optation within the owner system.

And thus as the only true options for resistance these are of course ruthlessly extirpated by the authorities wherever they appear, with the idea of discouraging the spread of protest by rank intimidation.

And in the past this has usually worked, for very few want their lives shattered in order to protest an injustice that is massively entrenched and made to appear the natural order of things, and unlikely to fall to any individual act.’


posted by kewe   Thursday, October 30, 2003

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