Torture and Death:

Jailed Iranian journalist, Akbar Ganji
— Iran and torture

The case of Ahmad Batebi.

Teenage Execution
Nuclear Issues:

Iran will develop peaceful nuclear technology.
Moscow keen to build more nuclear reactors in Iran
        —  Real Aipac Spy Ring Story      
        —  About attack by Israel on Iran       

      IRAN US Confrontation      

Pressure on Iran Nuclear Issue unites Internal Foes.

If Iran is building the bomb!

Iran signs an agreement which allows tougher UN checks on its growing nuclear industry.

Iran official backs nuclear protocol.

Iran blames US for nuclear pressure.
Iran domestic issues:

Eating burgers beneath the veil.

Iran child custody rights.

Transsexual change recognized in Iran.

Iran's policewomen return to the beat.

Nobel Peace Prize winner 2003

Shirin Ebadi
Iran protest issues:

Look at all those guards, all these police

Deep yearning to be free and enfranchised

Wilayat al-Faqih

Iran's frustrated generation.

Iran protests fail to bring change.


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Iran firmly after modern technology

Annan warns on Islam-West hostility


Iran tests new missile — warns of pre-emptive strike

Iran vows to increase military strength

Iran shows off missile might amid nuclear fears

Iran profile:

Iran Daily July 28, 2003 - Adobe Reader format, takes 2 minutes to download.

BBC country profile of Iran.

Iran - NOAA profile.

Iran Profile - Australian Embassy Tehran.

Reporter Tortured and Killed in Iran/Iran teenager shot in Canada:

Iran arrests five over Canadian/Iranian reporters brutal death.

Iran demands justice for Iranian teen killed by police in Port Moody, small town ouside Vancouver.

Family of dead 18 year old surprised by Iran's stance

Port Moody Police say man shot was running with a raised machete.

They were terrified.   They had never met this guy before.   It was out of the blue
Partisan opposition outside Iran:

Khomeini grandson seeks action on Iran

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