It's like a computer
Think of “The WE” as a group of people who build computers.
 Think of   MANY  people in this group.
 Really many.
 Think of a Soul (and other Souls) building a ‘Great Big Mind’ — a super-computer with all minds linked.
 Okay, some are linked, some are not.
 This ‘Great Big Mind’ built by Souls has computers within computers within computers linked inside it.
 Who knows how many computers?  how many links?
 Think of ‘Soul's’s mind’ — linked with other Souls within this 'Great Big Mind.'
This is a picture of clouds.

It was taken from an airplane.

Courtesy NOAA Hurricane Research.
with a mind,
a mind that has an emotion chip.
 Think of a Soul with ‘Mind’ as someone inside ‘TheWE’ linked to all minds inside “TheWE.”     Soul as ‘IT,’ yet soul with a mind as ‘a greater self.’
What do you think?     Is Soul framed by this other stuff.
 Like how you think.
 Like how you feel.
 Like how you look.
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